Success Stories

  • In 2008 and 2009, we recreated a live version of a TV Program hosted by “Geek Comedian” Heather Gold featuring some of the country’s leading authorities on digital media including game designer and author Jane McGonigal and serial entrepreneur Ev Williams (Blogger, Twitter, etc.)

  • In 2009, UK artist and visionary Stanza, who creates data sculptures, interactive and responsive installations,created a Sonic City and Sensity versions of Austin, TX. We created a unique broadcast link-up between world-renowned bio-artist Adam Zaretsky then in Amsterdam and transhumanist, Natasha Vita-More in Austin.

  • In 2010, DJ Spooky, together with a four-piece woodwind quartet performed the World Premier of “Elegant Universe” based upon the book by Brian Greene.

  • At Plutopia 2011, we featured a launch of Sphero, a smart phone controlled robotic ball and the XCHOX Project Launch of their 3D interactive music system. Additionally, avant-pop band Intimate Stranger performed in front of a 3D/holographic projection, with the audience wearing 3D glasses. We produced the first international performance by Chinese band White and created a unique interactive fashion show of wearables.

  • Sifteo Cubes, the interactive gaming platform, was presented for one of the very first times to the public at our 2011 event by one of its inventors, MIT’s David Merrill. Also that year, another distinguished MIT genius and part of the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the Media Lab, Eric Rosenbaum, debuted his Singing Fingers iPad app, which allows you to finger paint with your voice.

  • In 2012, we produced a celebrated FutureMusic Summit featuring a cyborg percussion orchestra and Mari Kimura who developed the field of subsonics, by playing the violin with a sensor glove.

  • Noted thinker and “cyberpunk” science fiction author Bruce Sterling has keynoted four of our events.

About the Future Entertainment and Events Lab (FEEL) and Learning Innovations in Future Education (LIFE)

  • We established our expertise as a future-focused entertainment and events production company in our first incarnation as Plutopia Productions in 2006 in Austin, TX,  developing several SXSW Interactive sponsored extravaganzas as well as 2011’s FutureMusic Summit at Round Top Festival Institute.

  • FEEL is a cultural, arts and entertainment company that produces its own signature events, as well as a broad spectrum of events for third parties. LIFE focuses on research and development of participative approaches to the changing needs of education. Both are divisions of The Futures Lab, Inc., proven leaders in the future potential business.

  • What makes us different is that we use culture, the arts and entertainment in order to provide the general public with exposure to and experience of emerging innovations and cultural developments in order to help generate a positive, empowered feeling about the future.

  • We specialize in creating and producing inspirational, participative experiences, which we call ‘sense events’, aimed at providing multi-sensory stimulation and the thrill of discovery.

  • This is achieved through unique content and high-end production values and an unparalleled network of partners and collaborators.

For more information, please contact Maggie Duval: or 512.484.9769.