STEAM3 at SX Create

STEAM3 will be offering a representation of a Make Visual Lab, which is an experiential workspace to explore, play, and learn. At SX Create, visitors will work together to complete semi-finished artifacts from the realm of interactive media.

We will provide a taste of the future through our Interactive Playground that will enable the visitors to enjoy everything from award-winning serious games, the Imaginarium, build a future virtual classroom, and augmented reality for enhanced learning.

About STEAM3

STEAM3 is a public event designed to provide an interactive stage for the exploration, development and demonstration of the fast emerging technologies, teaching, and learning models that could redefine education over the next decade.

Following our successful STEAM3 – Future of Education and Learning Conference and Interactive Playground in March 2014 at the University of Texas, we are now in the production stage of a similar event at Georgia State University in September 2015, which FEEL (The Future Entertainment and Event Lab) will produce in collaboration with GSU’s College of Education.

STEAM3 is about the future of experiential learning – learning STEM subjects through the arts – creating a fusion of the unexpected such as nanoart, experimental geography or organic math!