STEAM³ in Austin, 2014

STEAM³  (Science + Technology + Engineering + Art + Math “cubed”), which took place on March 1-2, 2014 in Austin, Texas at the University of Texas Commons Learning Center, was an all-age appropriate, first-of-its-kind hybrid of a conference and Interactive Playground featuring speakers, demonstrations and four immersive environments focused on the future of education

The event was designed not only for educators and those passionate about education, students, and parents, but also Makers, learning content creators, mobile development, instructional, and 3D/virtual world designers, researchers, entrepreneurs, artists, and innovators.

The Interactive Playground featured four delightful, immersive, hands-on areas (think all-ages Exploratorium, Maker Space, or modern Children’s Museum on steroids) focused on the Living Classroom, the Game of Learning, Make Magic, and Interactive Storytelling. Exhibits include interactive gaming, augmented reality, a robot lab, algorithmic and nano art, stop motion animation making, a virtual classroom, science of music simulator, a multimedia oracle, The Imaginarium, and more!

The conference portion features over 20 keynotes from experts in the realm of future education including:          

  • Augmented Reality, Storytelling and Education
  • STEAM in the 21st Century:  Maker and Creative Spaces inside and outside the classroom
  • Creating the Avid Learner as We Redefine The Village: Serious Games, 24/7 Learning and Global Connectivity
  • Earsketch: Computational music remixing and sharing as a tool to drive engagement and interest in computing
  • Engaging Next Generation Learners Anytime, Anywhere with Transmedia Learning
  • Motion Graphics & Kinetic Typography as keys to visual learning
  • The Power of Immersive Experiences for Future Approaches to Education
  • Building a successful STEM education infrastructure and outreach for students raised in lower-socioeconomic regions
  • Innovative Approaches to Project-based Learning
  • Changing Minds: The Changing Landscape of Learning
  • Maximizing the use of avatars to maintain your learners’ attention
  • Tech Hustle and The Maker Bench
  • Parallel Reality
  • How Video Games Can Revolutionize Education.

Visitors created their own experience: enjoying either one, or two full days of compelling talks and demos in the auditorium, or just explored the Interactive Playground with their family and friends. 

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