Meet our speakers: Elaine Raybourn, ADL/Sandia National Labs

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Elaine Raybourn 
Research Scientist, National Laboratory Advisor, Sandia National Labs, Advanced Distributed Learning

Dr. Elaine Raybourn is a social scientist with a Ph.D. in Intercultural Communication with an emphasis in Human-Computer Interaction from the University of New Mexico. Elaine’s greatest passion involves designing transmedia learning systems for personalized, experiential learning, collaborative virtual environments, social-process simulations, and serious games that hone creativity, intercultural communication competence, and adaptability.  [ more below ]


As early as 2003-2004 she led the development of an award-winning Government game title, Adaptive Thinking & Leadership. Her team’s work was identified by the Defense Science Board Study on 21st Century Strategic Technology Vectors as “critical capabilities and enabling technologies for the 21st century that show promise.” She has developed transmedia learning since 2010.

Elaine speaks regularly on the topics of games and transmedia learning and serves on several advisory and editorial boards including the international journals Interactive Technology and Smart EducationJournal of Game-based Learning, and Simulation & Gaming. Elaine was on the advisory board for the Game Developers Conference (GDC) Serious Games Summit from 2004-2007, Defense GameTech Program Chair in 2011, GameTech Program Advisor 2012-13, and is an Integrated Project Team (IPT) member of the I/ITSEC Serious Games Showcase & Challenge and a member of the Training Subcommittee.

Elaine is an ERCIM (European Consortium for Research in Informatics and Mathematics) Fellow and has worked in research laboratories in Germany, England, and France. Currently Elaine is on assignment from Sandia National Laboratories, where she is a Principal Member of the Technical Staff in Cognitive Systems, to the Advanced Distributed Learning Initiative which is part of the Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (Force Readiness & Training). Elaine leads research teams investigating transmedia learning, adaptability, tracking learner experiences with ubiquitous media, and the anthropology of next generation learners’ interactions with future learning technology such as personalized assistants for learning (PAL). Elaine is a recipient of the Department of the Army Award for Patriotic Civilian Service, awarded to her by the U.S. Army Special Forces, and named one of the Outstanding Women of Sandia National Laboratories

In this video Elaine Raybourn provides an overview of how Transmedia Learning can enhance training and education across sectors. The government example Elaine uses in this video presents unique learning challenges within a notional campaign she designed based on Robert Pratten's franchise model.