Complete List of Speakers and Installations

Complete List of Speakers and Installations


Friday, September 11, 2015

Dr. Elaine M. Raybourn
Research Scientist, National Laboratory Advisor, Sandia National Labs
Talk: "The Game of Learning" 

Brian Magerko
Associate Professor of Digital Media at Georgia Tech, Director of the Adaptive Digital Media (ADAM) Lab
Talk: "Cognition, Computation and Creativity"

Mark Geil

Associate Professor, Kinesiology and Health, Georgia State University College of Education and Human Development
Talk: "The Art of Making Prosthetics"

Holly Walter Kerby

Instructor, Chemistry & Creative Writing/Drama - Madison Area Technical College; 2012 Community College Faculty Member of the Year (ACCT)
Talk: "Fusion Science Theater: Using Drama and Story to Design Shows That Teach the Big Ideas of Science"

Gil Weinberg

Professor of Musical Technology at Georgia Tech and director of the Georgia Tech Center for Music Technology
Talk: "Meet the Musical Robot: Shimon"

Cris Orfescu

Award-winning scientist and nanoartist, founder of NanoArt21
Talk: "Nano Art"

Dr. Flavia Sparacino

CEO, Sensing Places - a MIT Media Lab spin off
Talk: "The Future Immersive/Interactive Learning Environment"

Alesia Danielle Mickle 
and Kimbeni Mansion
Doctoral students in Teaching and Learning with a concentration in Mathematics Education in the College of Education and Human Development at Georgia State University, Atlanta
Talk: "Ethnomathematics: Indigenous Mathematical Knowledge Systems"

Friday also features two panels:

"The Power of Immersive Experiences for Future Approaches to Education" with panelists:
Brian MagerkoElizabeth Strickler, and Flavia Sparacino
Facilitated by:  Derek Woodgate

"Alternative Approaches to Education" with panelists:
Martin NorgaardBrendan Calandra, and Holly Kerby
Facilitated by:  Maggie Duval


Saturday, September 12, 2015

Maria H. Andersen
Director of Learning Design, Western Governors University
Talk: "The Living Classroom - Adaptive Learning Approaches"

Eileen Smith

Director, E2I Creative Lab, Experiential Learning Initiative as part of the Media
Talk: "Experiential Learning - From Simulation to Augmented Reality"

Phil Kormarny
CEO, Robots and Pencils
Talk: "Systems for Transformative Learning"

Thomas C. Reeves
Professor Emeritus, The University of Georgia

Talk: "Learning Under Your Own Steam: The Importance of the Conative Domain"

Dr. Stephen Harmon

Professor and Chair of the Learning Technologies Division in the College of Education and Human Development at Georgia State University
Talk: "Ninety Miles an Hour Down a Dead-End Street: Technology and Education in an Era of Incredible Change"

Benoît Morel
Talk: "Using Avatars for Human Learning and Attention Sustainment in Virtual Environments"

Jeff Mather
and Courtney Bryant
Drew Charter School, Atlanta
Talk: "Make Magic - STEAM in Design and Practice of Innovative Curricula"

Elizabeth Strickler

Associate Director, DAEL/Media Institute, GSU
Talk: "Making in the Realm of Media"

Ken Higa

Marketing Director, Senior Associate, Perkins+Will
Rohit Malhotra
Executive Director and Founder, Center for Civic Innovation
Talk: "Continuum of Learning - Creating a Share Vision for Cradle-to-Career Learning - Transforming STEM to STEAM Education"