STEAM3 VIP After Party

Saturday, March 1st, 2014
7pm - 11:30pm

ATX Hackerspace
9701 Dessau Rd, Suite #304, Austin TX 78754
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Sponsored by ATX Hackerspace, Bone Spirits, and Guns and Oil Brewing Co.

Enjoy a gorgeous evening interfacing with the incredible speakers and artists of STEAM3 while sipping custom cocktails from Bone Spirits and frosty brew from Guns and Oil!, as well as tea from Zhi.

Light buffet served.

Schmooze and chat with some of the most brilliant minds anywhere...l

Tour the ATX Hackerspace and enjoy two performances by ARTheism and get inspired!

This exclusive after party is only accessible by STEAM3 2-day conference attendees, conference staff and volunteers, ATX Hackerspace members, and the general public who support STEAM3 by purchasing advance tickets. NO TICKETS WILL BE SOLD AT THE DOOR. 

Doors open at 7:00 pm

ARTheism performance, 9:00 - 9:15 pm

ARTheism performance, 10:00 - 10:15 pm

Party closes 11:00 pm

 Photo by Kevin Bradbury

Photo by Kevin Bradbury

ARTheism is the live "dance-imation" performance art of Topher Sipes and Samantha Beasley, which blurs the lines between performance, animation, conceptual, theatre, visionary and fine art by combining real time, hand-controlled animation projected over modern dance facilitating a light-based contact improvisational movement dialogue between the performers. Without relying on prerecorded visuals, audio sensitive software or mapping technology, visual syncopation is achieved by eye-hand-ear coordination – no performance can be duplicated, only raw, live expression is permitted. The company has performed at festivals, music venues, private gatherings, art shows, auditoriums and more plus periodically presents interactive, intermedia workshops. Since forming in Spring 2011, ARTheism has also collaborated with other performers and musicians including: Dixon's Violin, Roger Sellers, The Wave Farmers, The Blue Hit, Skytree, Birds of Paradise, Exploded Drawing, Nait NTROPY, Michael Garfield, Paul Basic, The Nadis Warriors and more.

"ARTheism has a way of disarming its viewers. You forget yourself for a moment and are invited to take part in a visual and auditory experience that is unique in the sense that it will not and cannot, be reproduced. It is human expression at its pure, uninhibited, and completely ephemeral state."  
Eric Morales // Photographer & Columnist of Bobcat Fans (page 17)
"The way that (Topher) uses the live animation, it's this divinely simple idea. The concept is so simple and pure, and the execution is so heartfelt, you can get lost in that world... That's what struck me the most. It wasn't just that I could feel the whole audience holding its breath while they were performing.”  
S.T. Shimi // Artistic Director, Jump-Start Performance Co. quoted from San Antonio Express News ARTheism story
"ARTheism is not just an artistic confluence of dance and visuals, ARTheism is a moving experience that transcends senses and imbues a deep feeling of enchantment. After watching their show, I felt like I went on a mesmerizing journey into the psyche. Sam's expressive movement absorbs the heart, and Topher's live digital painting projections are jaw-dropping. ARTheism is not just a group, but rather an artistic event which happens and leaves the viewer changed in some indescribable fashion."
Jefe Greenheart // Filmmaker, performance artist & stage hypnotist of Greenheart Creative

ARTheism Bios

 Photo by Kevin Bradbury

Photo by Kevin Bradbury

Samantha Beasley is a performing artist, community art organizer, environmental interpreter and lead dancer, choreographer and co-creator of ARTheism. With over 20 years of onstage experience, she studied tap at the French American School in Portland, OR, was accepted into the performing company at Westside Dance Academy, and eventually learned the modern dance techniques of Graham, Cunningham, and Hawkins while performing with the tour ensemble, Rainbow Dance Theater. Her connection to the San Marcos Springs has led her to co-direct the Texas Wild Rice Festival and establish regional community partnerships bringing together science, education and the arts. She has a BA in History, facilitates Composition & Choreography workshops for flow artists and also teaches Creation in Motion, a class merging movement exploration with academics to elementary schoolchildren.

Topher Sipes is a fine artist, live digital painter, performance animator, pyrographer, graphic designer, illustrator, hoop dancer, environmental interpreter, community art organizer, lucid dream journalist and lead visualist / creative director / co-creator of ARTheism. His multifaceted creative background along with his connection to one of North America’s most biologically diverse ecosystems, the San Marcos Springs, inspires a synthesis of boundary dissolving visionary expression. With about three decades of drawing experience, he’s studied with animators and entertainment designers, has a BFA in Communication Design, has received numerous awards in visual art and design and has shared workshops on digital painting, hoop dancing and lucid dream journaling.