About STEAM³:

STEAM³  is conceived and curated and produced the by 501(c)3 non-profit LIFE (Learning Innovations in Future Education).

With over 10 years of successful experience in development, curation, and production of signature “Living the Future” events, our expertise includes the converged art + science and tech + entertainment extravaganzas of Plutopia at SXSW Interactive (Living Systems, The Science of Music, The Future of Play, The Future of Imagination).

We have also brought to the public dozens of never-before-seen futuristic technologies and concepts. We’ve also conceptualized and produced engaging and immersive thematic living history educational events (Showdown at Unobtainium: Tesla vs. Edison, EFF@SXSW 2014: A Cyberpunk Retrofest, The Spectral Panopticon, with Red Mars and Boffin Fest: A Mind Travel Adventure currently in development).

Sponsors of our events have included Google fiber, Intel Corporation, Hitachi High Technologies America, McGraw-Hill Education, Make Magazine, Perkins + Will, Robots and Pencils, ProSys, Yamaha Corporation of America, MIT Media Lab, Sifteo, SXSW Interactive, Paradigm Nouveau Foundation, and many more.

How is STEAM³ Structured?

The conference portion, the Forum for Future Learning, features thought leaders from a number of sectors, including leading academic institutions, and local and national businesses and entrepreneurs, as well as individual makers and students. It offers presentations with Q&A, interactive panels, and brainstorming sessions via an interactive stage format that encourages not only demonstration of fast emerging approaches, formats, learning technologies and models, but also encourages mutual exploration of these ideas.

The Interactive Playground portion is a self-paced, highly relatable, and all-inclusive space where displays utilize unique, immersive, experiential, and participative content to interact with the entire event population, and we encourage members of the local community to showcase their projects alongside national and international exhibitors. We group exhibits in clusters of emerging themes, technologies, and learning approaches: “Make Magic,” “The Game of Learning,” “Interactive Storytelling,” and “The Living Classroom.” This allows people to gather together naturally for instant learning opportunities and allows an easy way to connect for future collaboration. 

Bring STEAM³ to Your Institution

While we continue to develop our own larger STEAM³  events, we have received numerous requests for a smaller scale manifestation of this concept. Accordingly, we have developed new platform specifically for that purpose. We now seek to partner with various institutions such as:

  • Colleges/Universities seeking to highlight their advances in future learning
  • School Districts
  • K-12 school districts seeking to highlight their STEAM-related advances and efforts
  • Museums looking to bring more interactive and “living” exhibits
  • Companies at the forefront of technology who have an educational division, seeking to give depth and breadth to their research and development
  • Communities seeking to promote themselves as ahead of the curve

STEAM3 is an unparalleled way to highlight and promote your intuition’s work in the future learning and education realm, while building potential collaborations with your community, and places you at the forefront of change and innovation.

We curate the event to showcase your projects while expertly combining them with national and international advancement. Unlike most traditional professional and educational conferences, we highlight your institution’s research/approaches/speakers into the theme, while augmenting it with cutting edge R&D and speakers from our extensive network, in both the academic and corporate sectors, as well as weave in artists, makers, inventors, and non-profits from your community for a compelling and engaging cross-sector blend.

The event brings together otherwise disparate fields for the benefit of the professional scientists and educators, while impacting visiting students directly. Think of both the Forum for Future Learning and the Interactive Playground as a “petting zoo” for existing, new, and emergent cooperative science educational technologies and new learning approaches. One of the many benefits of this approach is giving educators in your community a chance to experience cutting edge techniques and approaches firsthand, without having to travel to a distant conference to do so, a huge benefit for time- and resource-strapped teachers.

Another benefit is the spotlight we shine on cradle-to-career and beyond (lifelong) learning, which serves to connect up the pipeline between students and the companies they may well be working for in future. Additionally, we also act as consultants on the design and development of STEAM-based curricula.

How does the smaller event differ from main event?

  • Customized for the local host organization/institution and resources
  • Smaller budget
  • Shorter set up time
  • Curates more local content, but still includes national and international advances in tools/approaches
  • Highlights regional speakers
  • Optimizes onsite potential
  • Incorporates learning and experiences from the larger event

Who are your attendees?

  • Educators
  • Students
  • Parents
  • Artists
  • Instructional Designers
  • Makers
  • Learning Content Creators
  • Mobile development designers
  • 3D/Virtual World Designers
  • Researchers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Innovators
  • Investors

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