A 'Living the Future' sense event to explore and develop
multi-dimensional, immersive approaches to the future of education!

Steam3 (Science + Tech + Engineering + Arts + Math “cubed”) was the first public event of its kind (first held March 1st and 2nd, 2014 at the University of Texas' JJ Pickle Research Campus) to present a comprehensive look into the future of experiential learning. Steam3 provided an interactive stage for the exploration and demonstration of the fast emerging approaches, formats, technologies and learning models that will redefine education over the next decade.

Event Design and Architecture

For this unique two-day event we assembled some of the world’s foremost experts in the field of future education as well as the most innovative and immersive demonstrations and exhibits of emerging educational technologies!

Special topics included alternative approaches to educationavatars for learning, education is art, art is education, and more!

The event itself is only the beginning of our journey. It continues through a number of similar events that we are planning for Atlanta, GA, Belo Horizonte, Brazil, and Manchester, UK, as well as through an online post-event portal and virtual and in-person salons. 

Who is it for?

  • Educators
  • Artists
  • Instructional designers
  • Makers
  • Learning content creators
  • Mobile development designers
  • 3D/Virtual world designers
  • Researchers
  • Students
  • Parents/General public
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Innovators

Our Speakers Included:

Erik Metzger

Intel IP Attorney

Maria H. Andersen
Director of Learning and Innovation, Area9 (Affordable, personalized learning on a global scale)

Dr. Elaine M. Raybourn
Research Scientist, National Laboratory Advisor, Sandia National Labs,
Advanced Distributed Learning Initiative

Elizabeth Strickler
Associate Director, Digital Arts & Entertainment Lab (DAEL), GSU

Bryan Alexander
Educator, futurist, researcher, writer, speaker, consultant, author:
The New Digital Storytelling: Creating Narratives with New Media

Matthew Burge
Professor of Motion Media at SCAD

Eileen Smith
Director, E2I Creative Lab

Carolyn Handler Miller
Author: Digital Storytelling – A Creator’s Guide to Interactive Entertainment

Benoît Morel
CEO and Co-Founder, Cantoche

Steve Harmon

Professor and Chair of the Learning Technologies Division in the College of Education at Georgia State University

Robert Matney

Director of Operations at Polycot Associates

Donna Kidwell

Product Director at The University of Texas at Austin, (commercialization, innovation, leadership, entrepreneurial training, and developing MOOCs)

Dr. Brian Magerko

Associate professor of Digital Media at the Georgia Institute of Technology

Additional Talks and Demos: 

Talk: Gamification for Learning
Billy Joe Cain

Talk and Demonstration: Nano Art
Cris Orfescu

Demonstration: Experimental Geography

Talk and Demonstration: Algorithmic Art
Joel Kahn

Talk: Art, Technology, and Augmented Reality
Marvin Neibuhr and Dr. Bruce Niebuhr

Talk and Demonstration: Makerspace, a space for young children to learn about STEAM oriented topics

Joseph Lopez, is the Head of Faculty of Convergent Media at the University of Incarnate Word in San Antonio

Talk and Demonstration: Building a successful STEM education infrastructure and outreach for students raised in lower-socioeconomic regions

Kayla DesPortes Human-Centered Computing Ph.D. Student in the School of Interactive Computing at Georgia Institute of Technology focusing on Learning Sciences and Technology.

Demo: Organic Math

Wes Terrell and Zach Hurdle Science and Math Professors at Skybridge Academy

MIT - Experimental Geography and Award winning serious games



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